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awh!! [Jan. 9th, 2006|10:45 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]

YAY!!! Colm declared his undying love to me!!! ok maybe not that drastic but we're back talking and thats all that matters!! himself and Mark (who must think im so strange) met me after school today and we went to the hippest place in town, chocolate brown and then the BOMB, the bridge house hotel AND leisure club!!! OOOH YEAH BABY!!! beat that mofo!! lmao!! Mark is so hott im like so raging he's gay!!! lmao!! well Colm if you wanna turn Barry, i gotta be able to try Mark, its only fair!!!
Back to school today....HELL!!!! oh i hate the place hate it so so much!! but people did like my hair so id rather they like that than hate me!! :) well gotta go!! ciao bella!!
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IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! [Dec. 19th, 2005|08:36 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |how soon is now - the smiths]

OH yeah!!! im back ppl!! its been over a year since my last post but im here to rant and rave like never before!!! its been a hell of a year!! but what doesnt kill ya makes ya stronger!!!! hi colm!!! be proud!!
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oooh things happened!! [Nov. 30th, 2004|08:37 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |mr brightside-the killers]

ok its been so long since i last updated but so much has happened!! ok so i was at the 21st and Paul was working til 10.30 so i had to wait a while for him to come and by the time he got there we were all fairly merry!! so Jenny started the infamous "ice-game"! the aim of the the game is to pass the ice around the group, with your mouth, until the ice has melted. so everything was going great and i was wathching the game in motion over the other side of the room when i looked across at Paul, and he came towards me. now i thought he had the ice, but he hadn't and he kissed me!! HE KISSED ME!!! i was dumbfounded all i could do was smile! it was the best moment of my life! so then we all went to nite clubs and Paul went to the bridge to meet his brother but was gonna come across to #1 after. but he didnt cos he lost Brendan(21st dude) so decided to go home cos he couldnt get in touch with any of us. i text him later and aked where did he dissapear to. he wrote back couldn't find Brendan etc.etc. and "gotta be lovin that ice game baby" i wrote back oh i know exactly what you did to me buddy! he wrote back "your the only girl for me" i wrote back i wish i could believe that he said "but do" then i said im 100% sure how i feel, but i dont think you are he said"i think your an incredible girl and i meant not to give you the ice straight away." i wasnt too sure what that meant so i said please dont mess with my head. he never wrote back so after a while i sent have i said too much? still no reply so after another while i said i take by your silence i have, sorry. i cried my heart out that nite and got no sleep and fell into work the next morning still really upset. Niall asked me what was wrong and i told him everything. he said just text him. so i did. are you talking to me? he wrote back "yea course i am i fell asleep last nite sorry" then we chatted bout the craic at the party then he said "i feel really bad for not answerin your calls. hope you weren't worried sorry pet" now pet is childish but he's never called me anything but Laura before so its a good sign. i asked could i meet him later to show him something.it was gonna be the "i meant not to give you the ice straight away" text cos i didnt understand it. but when i met him he never brought it up and i didnt want to either. nothing more was said for the week.
the whole week i was so upset. we didnt talk all week. i didnt want to text him he didnt text me.i saw him againurday and he brought up the fact that i had something to show him. i just changed the subject. then me Paul Jenny and Neville were all supposed to go to the cinema.Paul was broke he didnt go. i was gutted. then i went out sat nite and i didnt want to drink cos i was upset and i knew id be worse with drink in me. turned out i didnt need any to cry! i was so upset that i actually soberly cried in public. i decided to text him. i said sorry cos i got a bit annoyed that he was going to the cinema then he wasnt. and i told him i wanted to show him my something. he said"show me show me show me!! send it on a picture". i said its not a picture and it doesnt have as many exclamation marks as you may think. its been wrecking my head all week, ill forward it on to you. two long depressing hours later he text back"do". i sent it. he text back the ice kinda slipped to the side of my mouth but i dont regret doin it hell no." now i really dont remember any ice but how and ever! i said as long as you dont regret it. he said "no way id do it tomorrow if it happened again" i was nearly gonna cry again!!
we chatted for a while.then sunday i was gonna collect my jacket and hair brush from jenny cos i left them in her house.my Paul and another really loud and hyper Paul was also there. loud hyper Paul rang me when i left and he said he'd drive me home. when i was in the car, Paul rang my Paul and aksed him did he love me and would he like to have sex with me? i shouted and Paul said no comment and hung up. i was really thick but i didnt think that now i would be getting the silent treatment. im gutted but i did nothing wrong. i want to text him but i did on sunday and he didnt text back, so its not my problem anymore, the ball's in his court. but ha cant just kiss me, hear how i feel, tell me im the "only girl" for him and then just give me the silent treatment for something as minor as that. im still happy that he doesnt regret it and he may do it again1
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can life get worse?? [Nov. 16th, 2004|11:06 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |cannonball-Damien Rice]

been another while since i updated.well nothings changed on the hurting heart and mind.only that he's broken up with his girl and is coming to my christmas party.apparently, we were flirting like mad the other day but i dont think i was nor him.but then he went and confused me again!!i mean he invited himself to the party and kept making remarks about me and him getting toghether but i think he was just making fun of his singleness. i was so tempted to tell him how i feel cos i really thought he liked me but he's on the phone to his ex all the time.i haven't been speaking to him since sunday but we're all going to a friends 21st so if something happens, so be it but ive a funny feeling that the ex will be right beside him. in other news,just found out i have to work christmas eve and st stephens day and i have to be at a disco on new years eve for the posh residents who dont want to mind their children so we have to occupy them and miss the best night on the calander!! oh and to top it all off i have to work all those days with MARK!!! of all people like honestly could life get any worse??!! oh ive probably just jinxed myself now!!
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modified my journal! [Nov. 8th, 2004|08:34 pm]
[mood |confusedhurting]
[music |aerosmith-dont want to miss a thing]

made my journal look cool!!well i think so!!in other news i feel terrible. my heart and mind are all over the place. im in love with someone i can never have. he's just so perfect. sometimes i think he knows how i feel other times i think he feels kinda the same but to be honest i dont want to know. life would get way to complicated.
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i hate mark [Nov. 3rd, 2004|08:38 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |loud and angry!!]

so got a phone call monday to go into work at 7 for a meeting!thought maybe ill get a raise or ya know something worthwhile only whilst i was sitting there i started to realise that i was subject to mark's lies and deceit.the fool nearly got me fired. the amount of things i have done for him is un-natural. i'm virtually the only one who would talk to the lad and i defend him even try to sort out his love life. he told my manager that i take too many breaks and that i dont respect his authority!declan was so pissed at me that i nearly believed he was teling the truth.i have never felt so back stabbed or upset in all my life.but one things for sure,i will never speak to him ever again.end of story.nothin much else happened. oooh but i was invited to brendan's 21st!!he is so sound and cute!!it'll be such caic!!kevin will be there for aidin to oogle ovew=r!!no-one walking this earth could come between aidin and kev!",!

its been a while [Oct. 26th, 2004|09:36 pm]
been ever so busy!!i was out of school last week cos of my throat infection!! got blood tests and i have to go back for more in 3 weeks and im on antibiotics for 7 weeks!! but if anyone knows how long alcohol stays in the blood could they please tell me!!!no more news!! got thrown into the pool AGAIN last night!! dave leonie and angie although dave denies ever being anywhere near me!! had a great laugh a the harriers on saturday!!met a few nice boys!!so over niall!!ok lie!!going out this saturday again!! anyone have any ideas on what to do for halloween??!! in my house and aidin is getting bored!! so from meself and herself chat ya!!
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my very first entry!! [Oct. 13th, 2004|10:15 am]
hey everyone!!this is my first time to use the journal cool!! hey siobhan!! thanx for gettin everything set up it seems to be workin fine!! ok so guess what?? i had a house party two weeks ago and i still havent gotten in trouble for it!! i have a small-ish house so i couldn't invite everyone and then there were just some people i didnt want to invite (you know who you are) but so many came! might i say, it was BRILL! everyone had a great time!!but unfortunately i got tonsilitis from running around the garden in my bare feet!! well i gotta go to guitar now so anyone who feels the need to get in touch do!!hi colm aswell!! by the way for anyone who cares its not the colour pink or the singer i hate!! its a long story!! chat ya ",
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